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Introduction to NVivo

This program takes you through the basics of NVivo Pro; one of three editions of NVivo for Windows (the other two being NVivo Starter and NVivo Plus). NVivo Pro includes functionality that is able to support most qualitative research projects, and features that will be covered in this session include importing data from various sources, coding material into nodes and running queries.

You can complete the program either by following the handout or watching the video (both provided below), or by doing both. Either way, before you start you will need to do the following:

  1. Save the following files in an appropriate folder on your computer:

You will then need to locate these files in order to complete Section 2.2 of the ‘Introduction to NVivo Pro’ guide.

  1. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer (rather than using Outlook Web Access through Oasis), you can email yourself a copy of the ‘Analyzing Estuarine Shoreline Change’ document in order to complete Section 2.3 of the ‘Introduction to NVivo Pro’ guide. Otherwise, just import the ‘Analyzing Estuarine Shoreline Change’ document after importing the other documents in Section 2.2 of the guide (i.e. follow the instructions but select ‘Import PDFs’ rather than ‘Import Documents’).
  1. Make sure you have the free web browser extension ‘NCapture’ installed for your chosen browser. Instructions on checking for this, and installing if needed, are in Section 2.4 of the ‘Introduction to NVivo Pro’ guide.

If you encounter any problems while working through the program please contact Claire Hulcup.

PDF Version PDF

View the Introduction to NVivo Pro handout (written instructions).

View the Introduction to NVivo video:

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