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Better Sentences is a structural approach to writing effective sentences within an academic or professional context. It is designed for both speakers of English as a first language and English as an additional language, but who have at least tertiary entrance competence.

Apart from a few basic terms like ‘noun’, ‘conjunction’ and ‘modifier’, technical grammatical terminology isn’t required in learning to write effectively via this program. This is because the objective of Better Sentences is not to provide comprehensive and detailed coverage of English grammar rules and conventions but, rather, to simplify, clarify, and explain basic rules of grammar and punctuation in structural terms.

Grammatical correctness is an essential element of competent communication, although to be an effective academic or professional writer, you must do more than simply conform to the grammatical codes and conventions of written English; you must also be able to construct sentences that communicate precisely what you want them to.This program is here to help you do this and to gain confidence in yourself as an academic or professional writer. This program is also particularly useful to guide you through editing your own work.

You will benefit from approaching this program, section by section in the order the sections are presented. The effort you put into understanding how sentences are structured will pay off when you move on to punctuation, grammar, and syntax. The exercises at the end of each section (in the right-hand menu) are designed as ‘learning by doing’ activities rather than tests of knowledge.

Whether you have learnt English as a first or as an additional language, this program is entirely compatible for academic and professional writing.

The focus is on managing the way you structure sentences to ensure that your message gets across to your reader in the most effective way in the most ‘user-friendly’ way.

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