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Better Grammar provides you with the opportunity to review your knowledge of “the rules” and then, practise manipulating and creating sentences to gain a better understanding of the complexities and better usage of grammar in academic situations.

Working with university students studying in an additional language has informed us of five areas that students find challenging:

  1. Verbs: Moving from tense to tense and maintaining correct subject-verb agreement
  2. Writing complex sentences using nouns, adverbs, and relative clauses
  3. Using articles
  4. Using prepositions
  5. Recognising (your own) grammar errors and being able to correct those errors.

Better Grammar focuses on the more critical grammar rules in the academic environment, where mastery of specific aspects of the English language can mean the difference between meeting academic expectations and not meeting them.


The focus in this program is not on learning the rules but on examining some of the more critical grammar and “getting it appropriate” for academic writing.


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