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Relationship with countable, uncountable, and abstract nouns

The exercise on this page gives you a chance to apply your knowledge of articles to a piece of writing.


Using Articles

  1. Knowing when not to use articles may be more important than knowing when to use them.
  2. The general rules for articles are:
    • Articles indicate whether the noun is a specific member of a group or is not a specific member of a group.
    • Articles indicate whether the noun is expressing generalisations.
  3. Use a/an when you are referring to one of an entire class of people, things, ideas or events.
    • Indefinite articles are used only with singular nouns.
    • Indefinite articles are rarely used with proper nouns.
  4. Use the when the noun has been referred to in a previous sentence or when the writer and the reader both know which noun the writer is referring to.


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