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Using the Editorial Loop: Editing your work

You can choose to edit section by section or paragraph by paragraph. For each section or paragraph, follow the loop through Content, Structure, Mechanics and Formatting. Go through your entire paper for each of the following separately:

  1. Content
    You have to be confident that you have the content you need. That does not mean that you have to write the entire paper before you edit. Sometimes you will want to edit a section at a time.
  2. Structure: You have …
    • Introduced the topic and clarified the aim of the paper
    • Introduced each section / paragraph clearly and well
    • Included facts / information about each section / paragraph
    • Concluded each section or paragraph by summarising or making a concluding statement
    • Moved coherently from section / paragraph to paragraph
    • Provided the right kind of conclusion; e.g. in a formal essay, the conclusion reviews the topics, thesis, and major conclusions.
  3. Mechanics: You have …
    • Checked your critical errors
    • Checked subject-verb agreements
    • Checked complex sentences are formed correctly with correct subordinators and agreement of verbs between clauses
    • Checked articles and prepositions
    • Checked vocabulary choices.
  4. Formatting:
    This is the final important step in editing. Have you met the organisational guidelines or School’s standard format?

Complete the Exercise to practice using the Editorial Loop.


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