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Study Resources

This section contains a collection of useful resources to help you with your university studies.

These include:

Top Tips: A set of tips to help you with various aspects of studying at university, such as preparing for exams, working in groups, effective reading, studying online, and so on.

Study Guides: A range of printable study guides to help you build your study skills.

Workshop Handouts: Handouts and worksheets from face-to-face workshops provided by The Learning Centre, such as effective reading techniques.

Make Your Own Study Group: A Form and Function Guide: A guide on how to form successful study groups, as well as ideas on activities and organisational tricks that will help you get the most out of your group.


You can also follow the links below to assess your learning style and take action to improve your study methods:

First in Family Learning Style Quizzes

NC State University Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

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