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Set your deadlines – How do you see it?

When setting your own deadlines, are you…

  • Organised or Rigid?
  • Spontaneous or Impulsive?
  • Flexible or Disorganised?

As highlighted in the following, it is important to consider what works well for you in regard to how you manage your study load with time to rest and play.

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What do your actions really tell you about how you spend your time? At the end of a day do you feel satisfied with how your time has been used?

Consider how you are managing your study load along with rest and play? What works well for you?

Start to monitor behaviour and actions that get you satisfying results. Then turn these into your pattern of study.

Time Management

Know benefits of Napping

Amidst numerous benefits, sleep has been proven to improve learning and memory (National Sleep Foundation, NASA, the National Transportation Safety Board, and scores of academic and medical researchers).

Other benefits:

  • Increase alertness
  • Improve judgment
  • Boost creativity
  • Reduce stress

Benefits of

Feeling stressed and tired?

Benefits of Napping

Napping when overtired, however, can run the risk of the nap going beyond the recommended 20 minutes, which can have the opposite desired effect.

Try a "nap app" to help you get into a routine and assistant with the quality of your nap.

Benefits of

It is widely accepted that sleep enhances memory amidst other bodily functions.

Overall, quietening the mind by a variety of techniques, including napping, at least refreshes the mind, and this can only be a good thing!

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