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Organising priorities

Organising your priorities is about ensuring that the big important things – those things that you have aspirations towards and care about – get done.

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The message here is for you to have a good look at those things with which you fill your life. If you fit into your day all the little things that you know aren’t really beneficial to your goals, then you may not fit the ‘big’ things in.

What are the big things? Those things that you consider to be important, things which you have aspirations towards and care about. This is about prioritising.

Time Management

Organising Priorities

Organising Priorities

The Jar Of Life

Do you often find that you do not have enough time in your life to do all the things you would like to do?

Consider the following...

Organising Priorities

Image that this jar represents the amount of time you have each week to do all the things you need to get done during the week.

Let’s fill the jar with those things.

Organising Priorities

The rocks represent the most important things that must get done each week (e.g., spending time with family, studying, favourite hobby).

The jar seems full – or is it?

Organising Priorities

The gravel represents some other important things that you wish to get done each week.

Is the jar full?

Organising Priorities

The sand represents less important things that you do that may not be necessary.

Is the jar full now?

Organising Priorities

The water represents the energy to get things done. Without this intrinsic element, it is difficult to get things done. What energises, motivates or inspires you?

Now you can say that the jar is full.

Organising Priorities

As you can see, by prioritising the most important things in your life, you still have room for the little things you would still like to do.

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