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Learn to study anywhere

We don’t always have the luxury of studying in our favourite conditions, so learn to:

  • be flexible,
  • choose when to or not to think about your studies anywhere, anytime,
  • find a peaceful place in your mind.

Remember, it’s not about time management, it’s about self management.

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It’s good to recognise where and when you study best. Sometimes, however, we don’t have the luxury to study in our favourite conditions, so we need to learn to adapt. Remember at the start of this program I talked about ‘being in the moment’. This is a key ingredient to being able to focus and concentrate, and this ability is one of your greatest assets to get the most out of your time and study. So for a minute (or up to 15 minutes) close your eyes, focus on your breathing, feel at peace and when you open your eyes tell yourself “I’m looking forward to reading this article” or  “I’m going to write 3 paragraphs for this assignment right now.”

It works! Remember it’s not about time management.

It’s about self management.


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