Exercise: Active Voice
The following sentences are written in the passive voice. Rewrite them in the active voice to make them more effective.
1. The decision has been reached that funding support for your research project should be terminated.
2. The final demand notice regarding your unpaid account has not been acted upon by you.
3. It was recommended by the architect that reinforced concrete be used by the building contractor in the roof structure.
4. The pressure gauge was read by a technician at ten-minutes intervals, and checks of the water level were made regularly by the same employee.
5. Plant specimens should be handled with care by students to ensure that damage is not caused.
6. Three tests were conducted by the research team to isolate the fault, and adjustments were made to the control panel by an electronics expert.
7. It is considered inadvisable to proceed with the study at this point, until agreement from the appropriate authorities is received.
8. The patient's wound was dressed by the nurse and then a fresh bandage was applied.
9. Your cooperation and assistance are appreciated.
10. It is the intention of the committee that a decision will be made on the matter at the next meeting.
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