Exercise: Noun-Pronoun Agreement
Make the pronouns agree with their antecedent nouns (and change verbs where necessary) in the following sentences:
1. When a company changes their marketing strategy abruptly, they may cease to make money.
2. If any one of the employees are late, they must report at once to the foreman.
3. Neither trouble nor expense were spared in giving each of the boys the education they wanted.
4. When certain marketing tactics are not working, then obviously it must be changed.
5. Each of the political parties are being forced to disclose their campaign expenses.
6. The crew of three men and two women were applauded when their boat crossed the finishing line.
7. Several theories were put forward to explain the accident, but the investigators found it unsatisfactory.
8. All levels of the profession had its own salary range.
9. Management issued a statement on their new work practice agreement.
10. Every woman present at the function was a leader in their profession.
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