Activity Three
Essay Questions: Thesis Statements

Read the essay question below, then the example thesis statement and explanation.
Essay Question: Describe how ideology enters into our everyday culture and how it affects us. Discuss how it is used in propaganda and in advertising.

Example Thesis Statement: This essay will discuss the influence of ideology in our everyday culture and how it can be used to manipulate the way we perceive, whether consciously or unconsciously, advertisements and propaganda.

Explanation: This thesis statement directly corresponds to the essay question, which is directing you to discuss ideology in relation to propaganda and advertisements in everyday culture. A few key themes that could be developed in the body paragraphs of this essay would be ideology and culture; manipulation of media, advertisements and propaganda; and the perception of ideology both consciously and unconsciously.

Now have a go at formulating your own thesis statement to the essay question:

Social media is a rapidly growing form of communication in today’s society. Comment on the impacts of social media on small businesses and community organisations.

Type your thesis statement here (your answer will not be checked):