Activity Two
Identifying Themes


Identify key themes by listing groups of similar words/phrases in the following passage:


"Thus God scattered human beings across the face of the earth, and they divided into nations. According to this origin myth, the birth of nations is also the beginning of multiplicity and diversity. National experiences are, therefore, particular and universal at the same time.

The universal national narrative enfolds itself in many forms; thus there is more than one exodus, one divine redemption, or one moment of liberation for all humankind. Liberation and self-determination are universal experiences, but each nation encounters them its own particular way. This is the essence of the reiterative view of nationalism."

Tamir, Yael ‘The Enigma of Nationalism’ World Politics (1995), 47: 418-440, p.418
(Commentary on Genesis 11:6-7- on God creating languages & nations)