Exercise: Subordination/Coordination
In each of the following sentences, join the simple sentences to make new simple, complex, or compound sentences. Pay special attention to punctuation.
1. Jetlag affects most long-distance travellers. Jetlag is the urge to sleep at inappropriate times.
2. I enjoy watching football. I hate watching tennis.
3. Solar heating systems are economical to operate. The installation cost of solar heating systems is very high.
4. Many international researchers attended the science convention. The convention was very successful.
5. I was reading the newspaper. I noticed an advertisement for a job I could apply for.
6. Indonesia is Australia’s closest northern neighbour. Indonesia is an archipelago.
7. This blueprint presents details of the architect’s plans. It must be interpreted correctly by the builder.
8. We needed to increase sales. We tried a new advertising campaign.
9. Thomas Edison was an inventor. He invented the incandescent light globe. The incandescent light globe improved life for millions of people.
10. Effective writing is not easy. The ability to write effectively is a graduate skill. Employers highly value effective writing.
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