Activity Two
Multiple Choice Example: Child Development

Tim's second grade teacher is concerned because of the following observations about Tim's behaviours in class:
  • Withdraws from peers on the playground and during groupwork
  • Often confuses syllables in words (e.g.: says mazagine instead of magazine)
  • Often confuses b and d, p and q, etc. when writing or recognising letters
  • Loses his place when reading
The teacher has arranged a meeting with Tim's mother to discuss these concerns. Which of the following statements is best for the teacher to say to Tim's mother?

This question is designed to test your logic when given a scenario or case study. Evaluate the possible options and try to select the correct answer:
(i) Tim needs extra practice reading and writing problematic letters and words at home at least 30 minutes per day.
(ii) Please discuss the importance of schoolwork to Tim so that he will increase his efforts in classwork.
(iii) These are possible symptoms of dyslexia so I would like to refer him to a specialist for diagnosis.
(iv) Please adjust Tim's diet because he is most likely showing symptoms of ADHD due to food allergies.

Example taken from the University of Texas at Austin, Faculty of Innovation Center.