Numeracy Basics | Order of Operations

Activity Six: Practice Question 3

Please note that you should attempt to work through these problems yourself first, before you look at the solutions. When you have completed the problem and are ready to compare your solution, then just click on the Show solutions link.

Keep in mind that the solutions provided are comprehensive, and you may find that you did not require as many steps of working out in your answer. As long as the answer you got is correct then this is fine, and shows you understand the process without needing to work through each and every step separately- which is great!

Determine the following, ensuring you make use of BIMDAS as required:

a. (7 – 11) x 5  
b. 8(4 – 6 + 8)  
c. 7(-4 – 6)  
d. 6(-12 + 4)  
e. (3 x 4 + 6) ÷ (-3 + 2 x 3)  
f. (6 – 8) x 3 – 5 x 2  


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