Exercise: Parallel Construction
Put the following sentences into parallel structure.
1. Study develops the mind, exercise develops the body, and understanding is developed by experience.
2. Either the girls disliked or ignored him.
3. Lola’s favourite occupations were buying clothes, eating chocolates, and men.
4. To write effectively, you must organise your ideas, observe grammatical rules, and the reader’s needs must be considered.
5. She made it clear, first, that she had no faith in the project, second, that she would not support it, and that, third, she would advise her friends against it.
6. Stephen would neither accept criticism from his friends nor fellow artists.
7. He not only liked the new job but also his new workmates.
8. A time not for words but action.
9. The council believes that a museum will promote greater interest in local history, that it will enrich the lives of school children in the community, and will become a major tourist attraction.
10. Albert not only excelled in physics but in Frisbee-throwing too.
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