Exercise: Patterns of Work

This activity will help you with identifying your patterns of work.

Establishing patterns of work that work for you:
Do you plan more or work more? Which of the following diagrams applies more closely to you?

Does spending time on a plan for your work or study project get you there more efficiently and quickly?
Does it work better for you to spend less time on planning and just get started and do some planning along the way?

Organising priorities:
What are the big things in your life? These are the things that you consider to be important: what you have aspirations towards and care about. They can be things in your present or your future.
Prioritise these things. Make sure you set aside time in your schedule each week to do them/ or work towards them.

Try to balance your study time with the rest of your time:
Set yourself clearly defined goals.
Try to communicate effectively and openly with others about your needs and the use of your time.
Remember to keep careful records of your work.
Be aware of your needs and values when setting your goals.