Numeracy Basics | Percentages

Activity Three

Please note that you should attempt to work through these problems yourself first, before you look at the solutions. When you have completed the problem and are ready to compare your solution, click on the 'Show solution' link provided.

Determine how much has been added or subtracted as specified in the problems below:

a. The price of a pool table, inclusive of GST, is $4950. What is the value of the GST component of this price?

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b. A lawn-mowing business charges $82.50 for mowing a customer’s lawns, inclusive of GST. What is the price of the lawn-mowing excluding GST?

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c. A camera has been reduced in price by 30%, and the new price is $850. What is the dollar value of this price reduction, and what was the original price of the camera (both rounded to two decimal places)?

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