Exercise: Semester Plan and Weekly Plan

This activity will help you develop a study plan for a study period or semester. This can then be used to develop a weekly plan.

Semester Plan

Look at the significant Curtin dates for the semester (this gives details of important university dates, exam times and holidays).

Check the Curtin Calendar
to make sure that there are no further changes.
Draw up a semester timetable
Mark on your timetable dates for lectures, tutorials, tests, assignment submissions, and any other significant events. This will give you an overview of your commitments for the semester.
Consider the study preparation time required for lectures, tests, assignments and so on and indicate these on your timetable.
Any serious clash of commitments will show up on your semester plan. You can then prepare for any overload during the semester.
If you feel you cannot overcome the problems associated with this clash, you may be able to negotiate due dates with your tutors.
Weekly Plan
At the beginning of each week, refer to your semester timetable and use this as the basis of your weekly plan. In addition to the activities indicated on your semester timetable, you will need to make provision for additional study tasks which you did not anticipate at the beginning of semester. Also, make a note of social and personal commitments. From this information, plan how you will organise your week and complete your weekly plan.