Activity One
Report Writing Example: Abstracts

Of the two examples below, which is the better abstract?
(i) Example 1: For this report I examined the effects of deforestation on the Australian environment and habitat of native animals. Trees are used for heaps of products and therefore we need to cut down trees to make them. Cutting down the trees is bad for the environment and is only getting worse as the years go on. I researched a range of sources to find information about the topic.
(ii) Example 2: The purpose of this report was to examine the effects of deforestation on the Australian environment and habitats of native tree-dwelling animals. The report reviewed the development of industrialisation over the past decade and what the plant material taken from forests is used for, such as paper, cardboard, and furniture. Reports and articles were reviewed to gather data, as well as statements from logging companies such as Wespine. It was found that deforestation is negatively impacting the Australian flora and fauna, and is steadily increasing as demand for wood-based products rises. It is recommended that more sustainable practices be conducted such as reforestation (i.e. tree planting) and the rehoming of native fauna.