Exercise: Reflection

The following activity will help you to reflect on your study patterns.

Break down your study time:
The average human concentration span is not much more than 20 minutes for any one activity. Break the pattern every 20 minutes when you are studying. Stretch/underline/highlight/make notes.
Think about your study patterns. When/where do you work best? Make a note of this and try to put into practice study patterns that work best for you. For example, if you know that you study best in the early morning, make sure that this time is always free for you to do that.

Learn to manage your time: the five 'd's:
  • I'm going to do it, or
  • I'm going to defer it, or
  • I'm going to delegate it, or
  • I'm going to dream about it, or
  • I'm going to delete it.

Mini Meditation for Studying Success:

Close your eyes... Focus on your breathing... Feel at peace.

When you open your eyes tell yourself something positive about your study goals. For example: "I'm looking forward to reading this article." OR "I'm going to write three paragraphs for this assignment right now." OR "I am going to read over my notes and summarise them in my own words." These affirmations of commitment will help you to set your goals.