Activity Two
Short Answer Questions: Example Responses


The cylindrical flywheel has a property called the 'moment of inertia'. In words, explain what this property is a measure of. Provide an example of a common use for a cylindrical flywheel.

This question was adapted from Curtin's 2016 Semester 1 Engineering Mechanics Exam.
Of examples i, ii, and iii, which is the best short answer response to the above question?

Select the best answer.

(i) The 'moment of inertia' is a property of the cylindrical flywheel. It is commonly used in many mechanical machines.
(ii) Cylindrical flywheels are commonly used to store energy in piston engines.
(iii) The ‘moment of inertia’ is a measure of a body’s resistance to changes in rotational movement. It is a resistance to acceleration or deceleration. A common use for a cylindrical flywheel is to store rotational energy within a piston engine.