Exercise: Subject-Verb Agreement
In the following sentences, choose the verb that agrees with the subject.
1. Pollution and traffic congestion threatens/threaten the future of the city.
2. The number of cases of violent assault recorded in Australia rises/rise every year.
3. Ongoing revisions to the system is/are necessary.
4. Everyone, including the top students, finds/find academic writing difficult.
5. A flock of wild geese is/are flying above the lake.
6. Neither the foreman nor the supervising technician was/were present when the accident occurred.
7. Stock prices on the Hang Seng index is/are showing an upturn.
8. Work with children with intellectual handicaps and other people with disabilities reveals/reveal that regular therapy can lead to significant improvements in motor ability.
9. The use of domestic security alarms has/have reduced the number of burglaries in the neighbourhood.
10. The chief engineer, in addition to most of the electricians, is/are opposed to the new roster.
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