Exercise: Apostrophe
Insert apostrophes where needed.
1. Its probable that the team will lose its most promising player.
2. The womens hockey team is raising funds for its trip to Pakistan.
3. The organisations trainers developed a program to improve employees teamwork skills.
4. The demonstrators knocked off the policemens helmets and threw eggs at the Premiers car.
5. Ahmed and Maliahs car was being repaired, so they had to travel by bus.
6. I cant agree with your point of view, and I dont think youll convince the other council members.
7. The shareholders panic, the brokers are uneasy, but oil prices hold steady in the worlds share markets.
8. Melissas and Karens boyfriends are both very handsome.
9. Refugees rights must be protected.
10. Someones bag was left in one of the librarys study rooms.
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