Self-evaluation Checklist

Critical Thinking: knowledge, skills and attitudes

For each of the following statements, rate your response:
1 = 'disagree' 2 = 'partly agree' 3 = 'agree' 4 = 'strongly agree'

Statement: Rating:
1. I understand the basic differences between analysis, critique and argument.
2. I can clearly distinguish between descriptive writing and critical writing.
3. I am able to identify significant parts, relations, patterns and themes in a piece of academic writing.
4. I can identify premises (reasons and evidence) and conclusions, and analyse the structure of an argument.
5. I am comfortable criticising the claims and arguments of others – including experts.
6. I am aware of how my own background, beliefs and experiences may affect my judgements.
7. I am good at mapping my own argument in preparation for persuasive/argumentative writing.
8. I am comfortable doing a close analysis of language in order to analyse or critique an argument.
9. I understand the difference between ‘text’ and ‘context’.
10. I am confident in identifying fallacies in an argument.
Total score:

Score Interpretation
Total score: Comment:

Checklist adapted from: Cottrell, S. 2005. Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan. P.13.